AED and CPR Training for Dentists in Jersey

Getting staff to use their own equipment in situ gives staff far more confidence in being able to manage real life situations.

John Fosse

Unit Manager, States of Jersey Prison Service

AED and CPR Training for Dental Surgeries in Jersey

Course duration: 1.5-2 hours

Maximum participants: 8

Cost: £65 per person with discounts for group bookings

Location: Delivered at your premises saving you time and money.

These courses are taught by our most experienced Resuscitation Council (UK) instructors.

What are the requirements for CPR training for Dental Practices in Jersey?

Our updates meet the Resuscitation Council (UK), Standards for CPR in primary care, to which the GDC refers to in the scope of practice:

“A patient could collapse on any premises at any time, whether they have received treatment or not. It is therefore essential that ALL registrants are trained in dealing with medical emergencies, including resuscitation, and possess up to date evidence of capability”.

How does A2E Help?

Our training provides you with hands-on, practical simulations which take you through common medical emergencies encountered in general practice.

We include a review of the drugs available on site, the use of oxygen, airway adjuncts, self-inflating bags, face masks and portable suction. We will ensure all in attendance are trained in basic life support techniques and the use of an AED.

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