First Aid & Clinical Skills Courses in Jersey

We have excellent quality assurance processes in place to ensure provision of training is at the level and standards you would expect from a company like A2E. 

The content of every training course we offer is designed to suit the intended learner. Medical training, is in line with GDC and GMC standards and at a level specific to medical professionals. The most senior instructors will provide this training and will be ALS and APLS instructors with the Resuscitation council, UK (with appropriate permissions from R.C, UK to use their resources).

We offer training to non-health professionals with an emphaisis on first aiders or those who care for children, at a level that is applicable to their employment demands and skills. This provides a realistic training session which goes above and beyond a powerpoint lecture using a standard manual – we teach from experience. All courses comply with the Ofsted and child care Registration handbook and the Early Years recommendations for childcare providers training.

We offer a range of support for QCF learners, which complies with the local code of conduct for health care support workers in all our training and course.

Our courses are provided by health professionals with extensive experience and clinical skills to enable us to teach the topic with confidence and a wealth of knowledge.