Course duration: 6 hours

£80 per person

If you add on dementia awareness training, this will be an 8 hour day and will cost £110.

This course can be run in house or at an external venue – dependent on numbers. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Course Content


  • What is the MCA and why is it important?
  • The 5 core principles
  • How to assess capacity
  • Who can make decisions about me?
  • How to make a decision in the persons’ best interest
  • Criminal offences
  • What else do I need to know?
  • This course will enable you to be familiar with your legal responsibilities under the MCA and the implications for your practice.
  • Understand the priciples of the MCA and how to apply these in practice.
  • Be able to use a framework when supporting people in decision making
  • Recognise how the MCA keeps people safe and supports the human rights act.
  • Reflect on what else you need to know to improve your practice.

If you add on dementia awareness training, the learning outcomes are:


  • Understand what the different types of dementia are and understand who is most at risk from the illness
  • Know which are the most common symptoms of dementia to look out for
  • Understand how dementia is diagnosed
  • Understand the importance of taking care of everyone involved in the diagnosis, including both the patient and the carer
  • Know how to care for someone with dementia, maintain their health and help them with everyday tasks and issues.
  • Be aware of the different home adaptations that can be made to make living with dementia easier and maintain the person’s independence.